Power Quality Testing

  • Power quality that meets the standard: All measurements comply with IEC61000-4-30 standards for correct evaluation of all measured values including voltage, current, power, harmonics, flicker etc.
  • Captures everything: Cross-channel and current triggering capture every measurement, on every channel, every time
  • Intuitive PC software: Easily analyze data and generate reports with automated EN50160 reporting and compliance
  • Measure every parameter: Voltage and current on three phases, neutral, and ground
  • 5 MHz, 8000 Vpk waveform capture: Get a detailed picture of even the shortest events

Powe Quality Testing CintasIMG_2359POWER QUALITY PROBLEMS:

  • High voltage distortion
  • Sags & swells
  • Outages
  • Transients
  • Grounding & Bonding
  • Fault clearing
  • Switching events
  • Or some combination of the above
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